Behringer have released a series of videos teasing a new synthesiser that “looks beautiful”. We can’t see it yet but you can hear it’s incredible sound and capabilities for now.

The videos show some sneak peeks of the new synthesiser’s design as it’s unveiled to a select group of producers and players. The lucky few get to play around with us giving us a sneak peek into how it sounds and it sounds pretty incredible.

What do we know so far?

We know that it’s an analogue synth and thanks to the latest teaser we also now it’s polyphonic
It seems to be the size of either a full 88 or 64 note keyboard with an upper panel full of effects and EQ settings for a major range of sound manipulation.

Here are the features we can see from the cheeky little reveals:
  • Voices
  • LFO 1
    • Rate
    • Delay Time
  • LFO 2
    • Rate
    • Delay Time
  • Multiple Waveform options for LFOs
  • DCO 1
    • Pitch Mod
    • PWM
  • DCO 2
    • Pitch Mod
    • Tone Mod
    • Pitch
    • Level
  • VCA
  • VCF
  • Envelope with multiple sliders
  • Waveform manipulation
  • Frequency
  • Unison Detune (Poly)
  • Data Entry
  • Buttons for: Sync, Edit, Analog
  • “Equal distribution from left to right”

There’s clearly a lot going on with this synth and Behringer have us intrigued. We can’t wait to see more and share it on the blog when it’s revealed.