Rumours over the past month have been spreading that Apple were looking to acquire Jay-Z’s hi-res music streaming service Tidal, and Kanye West may have confirmed it.

In a series of heated tweets (nothing new for Kanye) famous rapper, producer and public figure Kanye West lashed out at Apple over competition between Apple Music and Tidal. Kanye passionately tweeted that he thought competition between the rival streamers was “fucking up the music game”, telling Apple that they should buy Kanye’s friend, rapper and businessman Jay-Z’s new music streaming service.

The two streamers hadn’t seemed to be as openly in contest with each other like Spotify and Apple Music are. But Apple Music launching just months after Tidal and completely overshadowing the hi-res streamer, which has struggled to reach high subscriber numbers even with massive exclusive releases, has led to the two services clashing over a potential buyout by Apple. That tension has clearly had an impact on the fearlessly vocal Kanye West.

Kanye’s tweets clearly imply that there have been talks about Apple buying Tidal but deals aren’t going smoothly, potentially Apple’s habit of offering unflinching deals that often put them in the better position. The next day Kanye also mentioned Daniel Ek, Spotify’s CEO and founder, suggesting he has gripes with the way the music streaming industry is going that go beyond a Tidal buyout.

Whilst Tidal would be a big asset to Apple for it’s exclusive artists, including worldwide stars like Beyonce and Kanye, and content like concert streams and a massive selection of music videos, they don’t hold much value as a business for Apple. Tidal have been struggling to make an impact whereas Apple have managed to surpass 15 million subscribers in just a year.

We’ll have to wait and see whether Tidal’s content appeals to Apple enough for a full buyout of Tidal, and it still isn’t necessarily confirmed that it was considered. Either way Kanye seems passionate that it should happen.