Epic Games sells the indie music platform after less than 2 years of ownership.

The massive website for independent musicians to share and sell their songs have changed hands again. Bandcamp has been sold by Epic Games, who purchased the service in March 2022, to Songtradr.

Whilst Epic Games had not yet tread on Bandcamp’s business model, instead letting it run as usual, Songtradr seems to have plans to unite their licensing services with that of the indie music service.

Songtrader helps brands and businesses license music for use in their content. Whilst Bandcamp is currently a streaming and digital download store for artists to provide their music directly to fans, Songtradr have revealed how they plan to work with artists.

First of all, they do state that Bandcamp will continue “as a marketplace and music community with artist-first revenue share”. What they plan to introduce, is an offer to the over 5 million artists and labels on the platform a chance to have their content licensed to “all forms of media”.

That means licensing opportunities in adverts, games, apps, and more, which artists would then earn revenue from for the use of their music. Songtradr CEO, Paul Wiltshire, says: “Bandcamp will join a team of music industry veterans and artists who have deep expertise in music licensing, composition, rights management, and distribution.”

Steve Allison, Vice President and General Manager of Epic Games’ store, adds: “Songtradr shares Epic and Bandcamp’s values around ensuring artists are fairly compensated for their work. Bringing Bandcamp to Songtradr will make it easier for independent artists to connect with creators and developers looking to license their music and enable Epic to focus on its core metaverse, games, and tools efforts.”

Whether the types of independent artists who choose Bandcamp in the first place are the sort to want their music licensed away into content beyond their control will be seen. It will undoubtedly be a mixed bag, though a blessing for some as an extra source of revenue and exposure.