Audient EVO 16: an affordable ‘smart’ audio interface for seamless recording

The Audient EVO 16 is a 24-in/24-out device with a one-knob control system.

Please welcome what seems to be setting off the next generation of affordable audio interfaces, the Audient EVO 16! This delightful interface seems to rewrite everything we know about Audient Evo interfaces and changes the game completely.

Audient EVO 16

Eight award-winning EVO Preamps provide 58dB of microphone gain, and “advanced converter technology” provides a huge 121dB of dynamic range.

The Audient EVO 16 has two features that are really going to make an impact in digital audio. First of all, the high-resolution full-colour screen on the front of the unit. Coupled with the Motion UI (user interface) control system, this wide-angle screen displays relevant information about your session and interactions with the audio interface. Every adjustment you make is displayed on the screen in real time!

Furthermore, the screen aids in enabling the interface’s one-knob control system. As a result, the interface can determine appropriate settings without you having to worry or interfere. Notably, Audient claims that the experience is like using a smart device as you don’t need to explore different menu options as on older equipment.

EVO 16 offers the intuitive user experience, professional sound and technical quality you’d expect from parent company Audient, with plenty more I/O than its smaller counterparts. And yet it still fits firmly into the ‘affordable’ audio interface category.

Andy Allen, Marketing Director – EVO by Audient

Secondly, there’s the Smartgain feature which automatically sets the gain for all 8 input channels with the touch of a button. It’s available on the smaller EVO products too, and it’s the ideal solution for saving time when working on big sessions. For example, drummers in need of multiple microphone inputs no longer need to worry about gain staging.

Now, you can perfectly match the level of stereo pairs with the power of the lightning-quick Smartgain algorithm. Using “advanced peak analysis”, it automatically analyses, adjusts and sets your gain to the “perfect levels” in less than 20 seconds.

Finally, ADAT and SPDIF options add further room for expanding your recording workspace with up to 16 extra channels of mic preamps.

Additionally, the bundled EVO Mixer software is compatible with both MacOS and Windows. Then you’ll have more options for routing inputs & outputs, setting up ultra-low latency monitoring and much more.

All of this is housed inside a solid steel chassis sitting on non-slip rubber feet. EVO 16 will easily sit with style on a desktop, under a laptop or installed in a rack with its optional rack ears.

Audient expects to ship the EVO 16 in the second quarter of 2022 priced at $499/£400/€469.

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