Image credit: Seth Lakeman Facebook

Our interview with folk legend Seth Lakeman is now live. We chat about his forthcoming live stream, the changes in the music industry and how he wants to release a dance album.

We recently had the pleasure of chatting to the folk legend Seth Lakeman ahead of his 15th anniversary stream of his infamous ‘Freedom Fields’ album. The livestream will be taking place this Saturday (27th) and will see Seth and his band play the album in its entirety. Across our conversation we spoke about the livestream, his experience in the music industry and how streaming has changed the music world (as well as much more).

Seth has had a long and lustrous career that has seen him be nominated for a Mercury Prize, a litany of awards and toured with Robert Plant. This is something we chatted about during the interview where he explained that: I have been very lucky to have had such an illustrious career so far, especially as someone that’s not a pop singer.” He adds, “I have always tried to stick to my own path where possible, even when working with major labels.”

His humble shines during the zoom call and it’s clear to see that Seth is a genuine artist that has a real live for his craft. When talking about his experience with major labels Seth said: “There have been a few arguments and stern words. I tried to keep control but there were points it came off the tracks. He continues, “I have spoke to a lot of artists about this and it does just happen, you have to be very careful”.

The full interview is available via our YouTube channel and you can watch it here:

Tickets for Seth Lakeman’s ‘Freedom Fields’ live-stream are available here.