Apple and Spotify put their rivalry aside once more as their relationship strengthens even deeper with music streaming support.

Following Apple’s iOS 13 launch last month, Spotify have updated their app to accompany the new operating system for Apple devices. The update brings with it extra support for the music streaming service on Apple devices.

First off, with SirKit integration, Spotify now works with Apple’s voice controlled artificial intelligence. Until iOS 13 Apple kept music streaming Siri support exclusive to Apple Music – if you can believe Apple would make their devices and functions exclusive…

Now you can control Spotify using Siri with simple commands. It’s as simple as giving a voice command like “hey Siri, play (album name) on Spotify”. With Siri integration that doesn’t just mean it works with your voice of iPhones and iPads, but at last HomePod owners can play Spotify on the smart speaker.

That’s not the only place that Apple are adding Spotify to. Apple TV HD and 4K now supports music streaming from Spotify so you can get all your music streaming needs from Spotify everyone’s favourite Apple platforms.

Spotify has been confirmed as working with iOS 13’s new Low Data Mode. When switched on, Low Data Mode signifies all apps to start using less data if possible. Spotify’s app features a Data Saver music streaming function that will now automatically be switched on if Data Saver Mode is selected on iOS 13.

Thanks to the launch of Apple Music, as well as Apple’s ingrained, ruthless competition; Apple hasn’t been the most friendly of companies to work with for other streaming services. Even before that Spotify butted heads with the company who made users pay more to sign up to Spotify on an iPhone than if they used a computer or a different smartphone.

With the launch of iOS 13 Apple seem to be loosening up their restrictions. Pandora have also gained Siri support after updating their app on Apple devices.