Image credit: Manuel Nägeli

Apple are launching their first genre-exclusive app and it’s all about classical music, promising an app dedicated to music and its finer details.

Classical music has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Listeners are tuning in to classical music for studying to, classical music to sleep with, classical music for relaxing, even classical music for kids and babies; and in doing so are keeping some of humanity’s oldest compositions alive whilst embracing new composers.

Apple haven’t ignored the recent growth in the classical genre, announcing yesterday that they have bought Primephonic – a service specialising in the classical genre. Apple will be building their offerings into Apple Music, touting a “significantly improved classical music experience”. More excitingly though, they will be releasing a brand new Apple Music app next year dedicated purely to classical music.

Unfortunately for non-Apple classical fans, the existing Primephonic service is being taken offline on September 7th and is no longer available to new subscribers. They promise that the new app will combine the experience that users are used to but bolstered with extra features. As a recompense for losing their beloved service, Primephonic subscribers are being given 6 months of Apple Music for free.

How can composers and classical musicians release their music on Apple Music?

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