Apple, Sony and two other companies are reportedly in talks with acquiring podcast network Wondery

Apple, Sony and two other unidentified companies are rumoured to be in talks with podcast network Wondery for an acquisition worth $300-400 million.

The two other companies reportedly don’t include Spotify. US-based company Wondery are said to be seeking $300-400 million for the acquisition, although analysts suspect the deal will be finalised for less.

If purchased by Apple, this will help them expand the exclusive titles available on Apple Podcasts. Wondery’s network draws an estimated 8 million listeners a month. A dozen of the shows currently have TV shows based on the podcasts in development, such as WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork that’s being developed exclusively for Apple TV+. Other shows on the platform include news-focused podcasts from MSNBC hosts such as Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid.

This should help Apple Podcasts compete with rival Spotify, who currently hold exclusive partnerships with the likes of Joe Rogan, Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian West.

Spotify continue to up their game, with the recent acquisition of podcast company Megaphone for $235 million and the suggestions of a premium podcast tier.

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