Image Credit: Apple

Apple Music’s artist portal gets new features to help independent artists and team members manage their content.

After celebrating over 100 million songs on the music streaming service, Apple’s sleek and interactive site that helps artists and managers grow their audience and gain informed insights, has received several updates to help navigation of the site. These updates include:

  • A new set of options to personalize your artist page and connect with fans.
  • A simple, quick way to upload lyrics.
  • A look at all your analytics.

You’ll find two new sections in the top navigation to help you personalize your profile, including Artist Content and Account. Click the headers below to learn more information.

Artist Content

Artist Content lets you take more control of your Apple Music presence and customize your profile. Here you can update lyrics, add a new artist image, share personal artist details, keep tabs on your available content and upcoming releases.


Formerly known as Manage, Account is the new hub to add team members to your profile to help support your next release. Artist roles include:

  • Admin
  • Analyst
  • Profile Editor

Access to each section varies based on profile permissions.


All of your insights are now in a single, easy-to-access location. Overview, Trends, Places and Your Music gives you a closer look at what’s trending where, chart your performance and monitor plays, with average daily listeners, song purchases and Shazams. Analytics and demographic data helps you gain insights about your audience to help you strategize how you promote your next release and tour dates.


Finally, the messages section provides you with updates from Apple about your account, such as the status of your artist image submission and account requests from your team. You’ll see a red dot in the inbox when you receive new messages.

Head to to claim your artist profile or sign in.

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