Apple Could Be Creating Their Own Original TV Shows

Apple are no strangers to TV content with their own Apple TV platform and their iTunes store featuring thousands of selections to download – but are they about to create their own?

In the wake of Netflix and Amazon’s major successes creating original, digital content Apple look to be the next to pick up the trend. Apple have made a big move into the music industry with their massive digital music store and player, iTunes, as well as their newly launched music streaming service Apple Music. In the wake of Spotify’s new video content however video may be the next big platform for Apple to conquer.

Apple have reportedly been looking into launching their own video streaming service, however issues with licensing networks and cable channels has apparently put their “skinny bundle”, a lower priced video service, on the backfoot for now. In a report by The Street however Apple have reportedly been in talks with Hollywood studios and TV producers about creating their own original programming.

Although no agreements have been signed yet an insider reports that they be planning to acquire deals in time for an announcement of exclusive content alongside the unveiling of the iPhone 7. Apparently an Apple spokesperson wouldn’t comment.

Former chairman of Universal TV, Blair Westlake said: “Since the beginning of television, content differentiation has been the single most important element driving the business. Apple undoubtedly recognised that offering programming that is only available on iTunes is a ‘must have’, just as it is for mainstream TV.”

This suggests that Apple could release any original shows exclusively on iTunes for sale, however it’s easy to question the success of an iTunes exclusive series. Though saying that iTunes has previously released exclusive music-based video content like the Beatles 1+ collection of music videos.

If Apple do go ahead with producing their own shows it’s likely they would introduce them on their long-rumoured video streaming service. Companies such as Amazon have proven the effectiveness of creating new services to bolster and aid their ulterior company focusses, especially when included with exclusive content.

Reports in December suggested that Apple were trying to launch their “skinny” bundle for under $30 to draw more users in, however content owners were fairly dubious at distributing their content for little return just to improve Apple’s brand image. It has since put their TV plans on hiatus however we will hopefully see a more fairly priced (for license holders) service announced soon, especially with the news that Apple are in talks with creators for their own shows.

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