What the hell is this scary instrument straight from nightmares

This instrument sounds like nothing else, which might be for the best as it sounds like a terrifying horror movie.

The Apprehension Engine is a one-of-a-kind instrument commissioned by Mark Koven, a composer who has worked on films like Cube and The Witch. With a talent for creating the spine-tingling soundtracks of massive horror movies Koven went looking for something truly unique and unsettling.

Koven commissioned his friend and luthier Tony Duggan-Smith to create a completely distinctive instruments that could create scares like never before. The result is a terror-inducing sound-maker with tools for a whole host of different spooky noises built into one piece.

Koven said of the instrument: “My good friend Tony Duggan-Smith built this musical instrument for me, with the intention of using it in horror film score. It consists of metal rulers which are bowed, a huge gurdy-like mechanism, a string played with an attached ebow, a spring reverb (also played with an ebow) some long metal rods, magnets, trash, anything at all to get unnerving sounds.”

Speaking on how it compares to modern sound production in horror and thrillers, Tony said: “One of my favourite things about this instrument is that there are no files, folders, sub-directories that you need to open to modify the sounds being created. You just have to use your hands and occasionally a screw driver. It was a blast to build and it can be endlessly modified with more crazy, more scary…”

I personally can’t wait to hear some of these beautifully scary sounds used in film to make scenes of a brand new intensity. The Apprehension Engine’s creator Tony says that they are currently finalising version 2 of which they will make 10 for “some wonderfully creative people”.

If you are interested in getting in touch with Tony about his creation you can contact him for more details at toneds@yahoo.com.

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