Ableton have got music-makers and producers covered whilst staying at home with some free gifts and discounts.

Ableton know that a lot of people are struggling right now and want to give something to the community. They cite that “the shared experience of music-making is something that can keep us together in spirit”.

They’re offering a Spectral Textures pack as a free download and today added a pack of Mac for Live devices to their offering. The Stray Cats Collection is a free pack of effects and a sweet MSE synth that can be used in Max for Live.

The Stray Cats Max for Live pack

They have also made their book ‘Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers’ available free for a limited period. The book covers a bunch of great tips and methods for working on music and completing the journey of creating a track.

Earlier this month Ableton upped their free trial period for Live DAW to 90 days so that those interested had 3 months to get hands on. With the next few months potentially filled with very little happening there’s no better time to start producing and recording music.

The company are planning to host 3 days of live streams with challenges for music-makes each day. They’ll involve discussion on music production and sharing people’s results. They plan to stream these between April 24th and 26th.

Earlier this year Ableton launched an awesome site for learning how to use synths in a practical, hands-on way. Both their Learning Synths website and their more general music recording/production website Learning Music are totally free to use as well.

According to their statement the Ableton team are now all working from home. They say that music “now more than ever is helping us stay on track”. You can check their page here for regular updates on anything that they add.

We’re collecting a bunch of the great music software and offers that will help to keep us all creative and happy whilst we wait out the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s regularly updated and you can check that out here.