Getting started with synthesisers can seem like a mountain but Ableton’s in-browser lesson makes it easy and exciting to learn the basics.

Do you want to get better with electronic music, with producing and with controlling creative analogue instruments? What are wave forms and how do filters work? Ableton’s Learning Synths helps you get to grips with just this.

It starts simply. There’s a box in front of you and a circle. Drag the circle around with your mouse and immediately your sound will evolve depending on where it is in the box. Straight away you are hearing and seeing the effects of your actions so you can mentally apply.

From there it goes on through multiple visual and aural tutorials to get you hands on with synthesisers in a way that makes simple sense and allows you to practically get to grips with it.

As you progress through the website you look at how to modify sounds, the basics to expect with each synthesiser, using envelopes, what an LFO is, the secrets behind Oscillators, making sound with Filters and then more advanced sections towards the end.

It’s comprehensive, fun, informative, and entirely free! Ableton have just updated the website to make it available in Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Italian, and Dutch as well.

So if you want a booster shot to get you in the know with using synths that doesn’t involve reading a 50 page manual then head to