You can get one of the world’s favourite DAWs at one of it’s cheapest prices ever starting at $69 until May 30th.

Ableton Live is a favourite for recording musicians and producers alike around the world. It regularly makes it into our top lists of digital audio workstations and as a gift to those facing the hardships of the Coronavirus can nab it at an amazing price.

With 30% off, Ableton are offering their world-class music software at a better price than they were last Cyber Monday. This huge discount means that you can currently get Intro, the cheapest Ableton package, for just $69. Standard is now $324 whilst the full package with everything Ableton Live has to offer is $524.

Ableton have joined many other music companies and creators in offering people something good during the COVID-19 crisis. Especially with people finding so much more time at home, people are clamouring for entertainment and new hobbies.

Head to Ableton’s website and make the most of the discount which is available until the 30th of May.

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