The top 10 best DAWS available in 2021

What are the best music recording and producing programs out there? There are a lot to choose from, so we whittle it down to the very best and what makes them great in our list of the best music production programs in 2021.

Steinberg want you to ‘Stay Home & Create Music,’ offering their software free

Steinberg are offering up a huge package of their music production and recording software free for 2 months. Steinberg have announced their new #StayHome Elements Collection. It offers up a suite of incredible music recording,…

Ableton Live available at a huge 30% discount right now

You can get one of the world’s favourite DAWs at one of it’s cheapest prices ever starting at $69 until May 30th. Ableton Live is a favourite for recording musicians and producers alike around the…

The 5 best DAWs for music production and recording (2020)

With so much amazing music making software out there it can be hard to find the one that’s right for you. Our top list will make sure you know which DAW is right for you….

Buy Ableton discounted until January

It’s Ableton’s 10th anniversary this year, and to celebrate the fact (and get more people using the r software 🙂 they’re giving a discount of 20% on the Ableton Live 8 [down from 349 to…