Vampr connects local musicians like a Tinder for artists

As a musician, have you ever been in a new place, looking for someone to jam, record, or write with and found it impossible. That’s where Vampr comes in.

Vampr is a new iPhone app that connects you with local musicians and music lovers for collaborative projects. No matter what you play or do you can search for nearby players, audition for bands and groups, or just discover muso’s you can discuss music with.

What is Vampr?

Vampr is an iPhone app that helps you discover, connect and collaborate with musicians and music lovers alike.
Who you know or where you live are no longer barriers for getting on with playing and making music.


Find a guitarist, singer or producer for your latest project, audition for that punk band you always wanted to join or simply discover friends with the same taste in music.


See common musical interests, connect and chat.


Vampr integrates seamlessly with SoundCloud and YouTube so you can easily build your own music profile and start creating.

Josh Simons co-founded Vampyr after travelling as a musicians and realising the difficulties of finding others to play with
Josh Simons co-founded Vampyr after travelling as a musicians and realising the difficulties of finding others to play with

Vampr was co-founded by Melbourne musician Josh Simons who developed the app after recognising the difficulties of finding musicians on the road. Simons said to Hypebot: “Connecting with other musicians can be difficult, especially when moving beyond our immediate group of friends and locale. And it’s even more difficult for those just starting out and worried about hooking up with the relevant skill levels and of course their appropriate tribe.

“We are all pretty tech savvy these days and used to making friends from strangers, all over the globe using our social networks, so there is no reason that music couldn’t be apart of this connection revolution. Vampr would have made my life so much easier when I was starting out with my band Buchanan.”

Vampr is available now on iOS from the Apple App Store. An Android version is coming soon.


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