India’s massively popular music streaming service Saavn just received an investment from music manager, businessman, and overall hotshot Guy Oseary.

Saavn have just received an undisclosed investment from major music manager Guy Oseary, in charge of massive acts like Madonna, U2, Alicia Keys, and many others. The investment comes as Saavn reveal that Oseary is coming onboard as an investor and partner to help them strengthen and expand their music streaming service.

Saavn CEO and co-founder Rishi Malhotra said: “Guy and I are developing unique artist collaborations for Saavn and we’re honored to have him as a partner and investor. Guy has incredible instincts across entertainment and media.”

Oseary talked on how Saavn could expand across the globe and the effect that would have on artists, saying: “Many artists would love for their music to reach India’s over one billion residents.”  His investment will no doubt aid this as Saavn have been aiming to create a link between the music industries in India and the western world.

Saavn’s service features over 20 million tracks and 14 million listeners across 196 countries. It’s focus has been on music from India until recently as 15% of their user have begun listening to English language music.

Oseary spoke on Saavn’s influence over introducing western media in India, saying: “From the time I’ve been in the music business, that process has always been too complicated; now, through Saavn, it is finally possible to have a true local partner in India that gets it, and will work hand-in-hand with artists and their managers.”