Sony Announces Its New Waterproof Walkman

Sony Waterproof Walkman
In January 2013 Sony announced their new waterproof Walkman headband, aimed primarily at swimmers. The NWZ-W273S is a sleek waterproof headband, that features the MP3 player with in the earbud. You can currently pick one up a 4GB model on Amazon for US $69.99 or UK £55.48, which is a great price for a great product.

Yesterday at IFA, a bunch of companies released new smartwatches, phones, televisions, tablets etc.
Sony announced their updated waterproof headband. The NWZ-WS610 new headband has the bonus feature of connected to a smartphone (preferably a waterproof one), whilst still having the internal 4GB option. This is particularly useful for those who stream their music from their phone. With waterproof phones becoming a norm, such as the Sony Xperia and Samsung Galaxy range, this seems like the ultimate listening option for swimmers. Other new features include NFC connectivity, a 16GB option, a splash proof remote and a built-in microphone.

Expected to release in October, you can pre-order one now on the Sony website from US $160 or UK £139 for the 4GB model

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