Sony Release An Affordable High-Res Music Player

Sony entered the high-res music player scene earlier this year with the NWZ-ZX1. With 128GB of internal storage, a beautiful build and delivering on the high-res promise, it seemed a great product… except the price. Retailing at £550, this player is not for the everyday music listener, but for the niche audiophiles among us.

Yesterday at IFA, Sony announced the new Walkman A15 high-res music player. Reducing the size and weight, Sony claims the “the world’s smallest and lightest” title for such a device. A new digital amplifier, bluetooth and NFC connectivity, 30 hours of high-res playback battery life, and best yet a new price tag. Expected to debut next month for just £170. The Sony A15 supports .wav, FLAC and ALAC playback, and can upscale compressed files, such as MP3. With only 16GB of internal storage you’ll probably want to grab a microSD card or two for all those space eating high-res files.

Although it removes from the “all-in-one smartphone” having to now carry around another device, and the high-res content still in need of development, the A15 seems like a great product at a great price.

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