Inventor of the cassette tape, Lou Ottens, dies aged 94

Dutch engineer Lou Ottens, credited for inventing the audio cassette tape and involved in the development of the CD, died last weekend.

Sony are really hoping nostalgia pays off with their new Walkmans

Sony have unveiled 40th anniversary Walkman players that will offer less than a smartphone at a higher price, but with MQA support. Sony have unveiled their NW-A100TPS Walkman 40th Anniversary Mp3 player in the hopes…

Sony Smart B-Trainer – A Walkman/Bluetooth Headset/Personal Trainer

Sony released their latest addition to their waterproof Walkman range last October. This combined both their sleek headband with built-in internal memory, and bluetooth connectivity to allow you to further expand your music selection. See…

Sony Walkman ZX2 Music Player Hands on Review (Video)

The new Sony Walkman ZX2 is here and here is a hands on review video.

Sony Announces Its New Waterproof Walkman

In January 2013 Sony announced their new waterproof Walkman headband, aimed primarily at swimmers. The NWZ-W273S is a sleek waterproof headband, that features the MP3 player with in the earbud. You can currently pick one…

Sony Release An Affordable High-Res Music Player

Sony entered the high-res music player scene earlier this year with the NWZ-ZX1. With 128GB of internal storage, a beautiful build and delivering on the high-res promise, it seemed a great product… except the price….

Sony Announce Walkman W Series Waterproof Music Players

Sony has announced the Walkman W series. This waterproof series of Walkmans could actually sell! Available in Black, Blue and White the NWD-W273 comes only in 4GB and schedule to hit stores in Japan around…