O2 Arena Tickets Refunds For The Next 24 Hours


Fans of the late Micheal Jackson have just 24 hours left to claim if they want their money back for the tickets they purchased for Michael’s 50 show comeback dates that were to be held in London.

Fans have two realistic options with there now useless tickets. Either keep the ticket, which contain a series of lenticular images and holograms that are set to sour in value in the next couple of decades, in the form of a memento of their fallen pop idle. Or to to contact via the web one of two ticket providers, Ticket Master, and GetMeIn.com in a mad dash attempt at getting through congested servers to try an squeeze out a refund.

Organisers and promoters AEG live issued 8 different versions of the tickets ranging from £50-£75 for a ticket before Jackson died in June. It is still unclear weather or not if the public will ever learn exactly how many of the 800,000 tickets that were issued to ticket holders have been refunded.

Wolfmother Wow Fans With New Album And Lineup.


Wolfmother are close to releasing their second album. The band were out in force last night (August 12th) at London’s Lexington Venue where they played a set that contained new material that will feature on “Cosmic Egg”, the eagerly awaited album number two for the UK’s favorite Australians.

The band seemed to be on a bit of a slope when two thirds of its founding members slipped off to create doom buggy (AUS), a side project that will now become a full fledged act. But the recent London event marked the first time fans could see the bands new line-up in the UK, and things for the band seem to look more positive. Along with original member Andrew Stockdale we saw guitarist Aiden Nemeth, bassist Ian Peres and drummer Dave Atkins.

No extra dates have been officially issued for in or around the UK, but you can catch the band touring all over the US from August 22nd continuing upto September 6th this year. 2010 sees the band touring Australia for February and March on AC/DC’s Black Ice Tour.

7Digital Music Store Launches in Sweden and Soon To Be Rest of Scandinavia


U.K. based digital music store 7digital has launched in Sweden. The store, which sells MP3s from all the majors and various indies, is up and running at http://se.7digital.com from today (Aug. 12) and will offer 4 million tracks. Swedish independent distributors on board include Bonnier Amigo, Artspages and Phonofile.

The launch of the Swedish store is the company’s first in Scandinavia and will be followed by the launch of stores in Norway, Finland and Denmark. 7digital service is already operating in the U.K., Portugal Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany and Belgium.

Swedish customers pay seven kronor (96 cents) per track and albums start at 79 kronor ($10.87). The 7digital catalog will also be available to Swedish music fans via integrated download links within streaming services Spotify and Last.fm.

“Our Swedish offering continues our European expansion of local download stores and international partnerships,” said Ben Drury, CEO of 7digital, in a statement.

The Vultures Tease Us With A Promo.


Them Crooked Vultures, featuring Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and John Paul Jones have posted a small portion of a track on You Tube.

Them Crooked Vultures logoThe Promo is a snippet of a song named “nobody likes me and neither do i”. As well as the promo the band have released picture, merchandise an a forum has been launched in their themcrookedvultures.com site.

Dave Grohl who is back behind the drums for The Vultures has told the world that the group would release an album of the songs that were played at thier debut this monday (10th August) in the Metro, as well as tour the US. No dates, however,  for either of these events have been released.

Morrissey Demands Fans Not To Buy.

morrissey 3

Morrisey is passionately asking fans NOT to buy albums/singles.

Hitting the shelves late this year will be a box sets dedicated to Morriseys/Smiths music, “the singles 7” 89′-91′ “released on October 12th. Twinned by a the HMV/Parlophone singles 91′-95′ on November 2nd. Both sets will contain around 9 (according to the NME) 7″ singles complete with B sides and with the optional original packagin.

However an statement has been issued by Morrissey regarding a royalty crisis:

Morrissey would like it to be known that he has not been consulted by EMI/HMV/Parlophone with regards to two forthcoming boxed sets of Morrissey singles. Morrissey does not approve such releases and would ask people not to bother buying them. Morrissey receives no royalty payments from EMI for any back catalogue, and has not received a royalty from EMI since 1992. Morrissey also does not approve of, and was not consulted on, the Rhino box of Smiths CDs, or the Warner releases of Smiths LPs on 180 gramme vinyl. Morrissey last received a royalty payment from Warners ten years ago, and, once again, he would ask people not to bother buying the reissued LPs or CDs.

But there is an enormous amount of fans of either Morrissey or just music in general that don’t necessarily feel that anything wrong has occurred. Rumours are flying that Morrissey signed a contract to release royalty rights to the mentioned distributers, for a large undisclosed figure and cannot acctually claim rights for Smiths music between 1989-95.

RouteNote though, for what its worth are with Morrissey. What do you think?

Run With The Wolves In 2010.

The Prodigy have announced that they are touring early in 2010.

prodigyThe tour will last just six days during January of next year and will start in Doncaster on the 21st and will finish in Bournemouth on the 27th dubbed the ‘Run With The Wolves Tour’ the band have assured the public that they want to start 2010 in the UK, and want to include the places that they missed out last tour.

The band are set to release their new single “take me to the hospital” on 31st August,  from their latest album “invaders must die”.

Tickets are available on friday 14th at 9.30am.

One More Film From Micheal Jackson.

Superior court judge Mitchell Beckloff has approved a three way deal between Micheal Jackson’s estate, tour/concert promoters AEG live and Columbia Pictures who are interested in making a movie of the pop stars final rehearsals.michael-jackson

The project, that was given a thumbs on 7th August, will be a collaboration of hundreds of hour the singers backstage rehearsals for venues in Los-Angeles and some footage of his preparations for what was intended to be his 50 date London comeback tour.

Columbia have announced that the film is scheduled to be released on 30th October and have  forked out $6o million for the rights for the film. Some of the film will reportedly be in 3D, well, lets hope in doesn’t turn into another moon-walker!

Clear Channel Radio Report Terrible Quarter Results


The owner of Clear Channel Radio, the largest radio group in the US, and 90 percent owner of Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, reported another grim quarter, with revenue was down 21 percent to $1.4 billion in second quarter. Excluding foreign exchange, revenue would have declined 18 percent.

Clear Channel Media Holdings, which purchased the company a year ago backed by private equity firms Bain Capital Partners and Thomas H. Lee Partners, lost $3.7 billion in the quarter, attributable to the decrease in revenue and an impairment of charge of $4 billion and an increase of $302.5 million in interest expense as a result of outstanding debt.

Radio revenue was down 20 percent to $717.6 million.

Revenue at Clear Channel Outdoor dropped 24 percent to $692.1 million.

In January, Clear Channel began restructuring its operations in order to reduced fixed costs. At the end of June, Clear Channel Media Holdings had $21.5 billion of debt.

Stone Roses Should Kiss And Make Up.

Former Stone Roses bass player Gary Moundfield has confessed that he regrets the fact that hes been denied the chance to celebrate the bands recent 20th anniversary of the bands debut album, as well as admitting that former front man Ian Brown and guitarist John Squire should forget their differences and become friends once more.

john squireSquire earlier this year quashed any rumours fans had heard about the band getting back together. Scepticism that the band are having any sort of reunion seemed to be defended by the bands producer John Leckie who compared it to splitting up with a partner that everybody else likes, “You split up with your girlfriend and people keep saying, you should get back together, you were great together but you just don’t want to”.

The bands self-titled Debut album has been re-released and is available to buy in three formats.