Here’s what Spotify are doing to help musicians during COVID-19 and how you can get involved

Spotify have revealed how they’re helping musicians during the Coronavirus pandemic and are launching new features for artists.

Spotify have announced the launch of ‘Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project’ to help the music community in this trying time. They’re partnering with MusiCares, PRS Foundation, and Help Musicians and hope to add more organisations to help musicians get the help they need as their industry faces so many troubles over the coming months.

Spotify will be donating money to these organisations and their efforts to support musicians and songwriters. They will also match donations up to a total of $10 million made through their Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief page.

Spotify are also working hard to add a feature to Spotify for Artists that will allow artists to fundraise directly from their Spotify pages. Once the feature is live they will be able to add a destination to their page through Spotify for Artists where fans and listeners can head to donate to the artist themselves, other artists, and organisations.

Additionally, Spotify owned services are doing their part to help and provide great resources for artists. Music talent marketplace SoundBetter are relinquishing their share of revenues from transactions and Soundtrap, the online audio recording platform, are extending their trial periods.

The Spotify owned podcast creation and hosting platform Anchor are also waiving their fees for their Listener Support feature. Anchor have also made in-browser podcasting available for up to 4 people to make it even easier to podcast and get them live.

We’ll share once Spotify’s new donation feature launches in Spotify for Artists. For now, if you want to donate to the cause of musicians head to

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