YouTube launches ‘Stay at Home and…’ playlists

YouTube are helping everyone stay inside and keep busy with a brand new series of playlists covering cooking inspiration to learning activities for kids.

You may have noticed that there’s a pandemic gripping the world. Coronavirus is unfortunately affecting lives around the world and due to the gravity of the virus people everywhere are being encouraged, even forced to stay at home for a while.

Thankfully the internet is keeping us all connected whilst platforms and companies are helping to present us with loads of activities and entertainment to keep us going. YouTube is obviously going to more popular than ever over the next few months with millions of videos on every type of content you can imagine.

They’ve already had to reduce the quality that videos automatically load in for some parts of the world to reduce bandwidth with so many at home. Now they’re helping people stay busy and combat boredom with a bunch of video playlists with everything from education for kids to cooking inspiration for dinner.

With their Learn@Home website, YouTube have a hub of resources and content for families including content from Sesame Street. It is available in English and YouTube are trying to add Italian, French, Korean, Spanish, and Japanese support as well as more languages.

YouTube’s new Learning Destination is a specific section of the video giant where students of all ages can discover high quality learning content. With fun and informative videos for every subject it’ll keep people educated as well as entertained.

Outside of learning resources, YouTube’s home page now also features a new section of playlists for activities at home. There are four new playlists for: Cooking, cleaning, working out, and drawing at home. With inspiration and guidance on all four topics they will help to stay active, eat well and maybe even learn a new skill.

It’s going to be a tough and potentially lonely time whilst the world recovers from the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak. Thank god we have the wealth of fun and intrigue available to us through the internet.

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