Image Credit: Zoom

The new MicTrak series presents three high-quality portable recording solutions that are each tailored to different recording situations. Zoom’s latest designs are compact for extensive use in field and location recording, with each not requiring very much setup or assembly.

The Zoom MictTrak series includes the M2 handheld recorder, the M3 shotgun mic recorder, and the larger M4 XY recorder. But if you take a closer look at each one and find out more about its specific purpose.

Zoom MicTrak series

Firstly, the M2 is a fully digital compact recorder shaped like a handheld microphone that’s aimed at content creators and musicians. The portable recorder offers 96 kHz 32-bit recording in both mono and stereo via the integrated XY microphone capsule.

Gear News reports that you can use the M2 to record at home or in the field with its windshield fitted, and the M2 gives you the same streamlined functionality that Zoom devices are renowned for.

Next, we have the M3. Designed for those that work with video, the M3 offers 32-bit 48kHz digital audio recording resolution with a stereo shotgun mic that integrates into your camera rig directly. Furthermore, you can choose between monaural, 90°, and 120° pickup pattern modes whilst recording in stereo, dual mono, and MS RAW format.

The MicTrak M3 works as a USB mic which means it’s a great choice for recording audio while streaming. meanwhile, the M3 Edit & Play desktop app allows you to decode, edit, and export your recorded MS RAW files.

Finally, the M4 MicTrak is the flagship product in this line of recorders with low noise preamps. It offers a 32-bit 192kHz audio resolution with its integrated floating XY microphone capsule that actively reduces vibration. Longer recording sessions are accounted for with its microSDXC card too. As a result, you can record up to 1 TB of audio, or you could use the mic as a USB device to record directly in your DAW.

Moreover, the M4 is pretty easy to navigate thanks to its color display where you can access the mics features. 


It is unclear when the MicTrak series will be available, but the retail price of each portable recorder breaks down like so:

  • M2 MicTrak $199
  • M3 MicTrak $199
  • M4 MicTrak $399

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