YouTube Kids expands launching in 11 more countries

YouTube Kids app quietly updates, making it available in: Bolivia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay and Uruguay

Introduced in 2015, YouTube Kids is the go to place for children online, with extra protection over the main YouTube site. With curated child-friendly content, parental controls and no collection of personal data. YouTube is clearly trying to push all users under 13 away from the main platform and towards YouTube Kids in as many countries as possible.

YouTube made no public comments regarding this update, instead quietly updating the app across devices. Since the update, Bosnia appears to have been revoked for unknown reasons.

YouTube faced FTC fines of $170 million last year for the collection of data from users under 13 on the main YouTube site. Since this, they have made adjustments to all kid-friendly content on the site.

David Crosby Sells His Entire Music Catalogue

After expressing an interest in selling his publishing rights Crosby has now done so to Iconic Artists Group.

How To Distribute Content ID For Free

With Content ID on YouTube and Facebook, anytime your music is used in videos we’ll be able to ensure you are earning your rightful revenues from it.. for FREE.