We’ve all got stuck on YouTube watching videos for hours and ending up on a completely different video to where you started. Now you can see how long your video journeys take you.

Google have rolled out a new feature on their Android and iOS apps that keeps track of how much time you’ve been watching videos. All YouTube accounts will now have a ‘Time Watched’ profile showing exactly how much time each user has spent binging videos as well as some more new features to help viewers manage their time.

The feature, unveiled at Google I/O in May, will appear in the YouTube app’s account menu and show how long you’ve watched yesterday and over the past 7 days. If the amount of time you’ve spent watching videos in the past week seems a bit excessive and worries you, you can now also set a reminder to take a break from watching YouTube. Set a timer from your settings for the amount of time you want to be watching for at most and YouTube will ask you when your time’s up if you want to continue.

YouTube are also trying to become less invasive with their new mobile dashboard. We all know how annoying apps that push notifications on your screen all day are. Well YouTube want to keep you up to date without cluttering your notifications so now you can choose from your Settings to bundle all of your notifications for YouTube into one. You can even select at what time you want that notification every day.

If you are still opting to get all notifications then don’t worry about being disturbed at night as YouTube have disabled sounds and vibrations for notifications between 10pm and 8am. You can also customise this to your liking, whether you want silent notifications set between a different period of time or if you want them to be noisy 24/7.

Take even more control over how you watch YouTube now on Android and iOS.