YouTube’s new feature splits videos into sections you can skip between and it’s going to be great for music.

YouTube began testing their new ‘chapters’ feature earlier this month, which allows creators to split their videos into segments that viewers can skip between. The longer it’s being tested, the more great potential of this feature is becoming clear.

Having segments to videos that can be titled allows viewers to easily explore longer videos to find the precise topic or section. There are a whole range of video types this will be great for in a bunch of different ways.

Full Album Streams
There are plenty of whole albums available to listen to all the way through on YouTube. Usually, some hero in the comments has you covered for when you want to know the track names and titles.
With chapters, uploaders will be able to split the album into segments for each tracks with the title of each track so viewers can simply click and scroll between tracks. This is great for any kind of multi-track video from albums to compilations to soundtracks even live concerts and more!

Educational Videos
How-To videos are one of the many reasons YouTube is such an amazing resource. Whatever you need to know, you can bet someone has a tutorial on YouTube for it.
With Chapters, YouTuber’s can easily split up their educational videos by topics and steps to help people easily navigate different areas of an issue.

Some people go HAM on their reviews, looking at the entire ins and outs of the product they’re looking at. Chapters could make these reviews easier to digest for people looking for overviews who can skip between sections.
For example, if they’re looking at different aspects of the product in turn they can segment these sections and have an overview at the end.

When a livestream is over and there to be viewed ‘not live’ then you often have a video of over an hour. If the lives stream has distinct moments or if the streamer was doing a range of things like playing different games or doing different activities they can split their video to each of them.

News, Skits, & Comedy

News segments? Split ’em up. Different skits? Split ’em up. Comedy routine? Split it up! Anything that has different moments can make the most of YouTube chapters.

I’m sure that you can think of even more! That’s because this new feature is so versatile and useful. It’s still only in a testing stage but we’d be very surprised if YouTube didn’t launch this feature fully in the coming months.