YouTube Shorts will make it easy to create short-form videos over music

A new button under music videos on YouTube will make it easy to capture short-form dancing and lip-sync videos on YouTube Shorts.

Since the explosion of TikTok, especially since the start of the pandemic last year, YouTube have been heavily focusing on short-form videos. This includes a new feature called Clips, allowing you to cut and share 5-60 second segments of videos, as well as YouTube Shorts. YouTube Shorts is the video sharing platform’s competitor to TikTok. Currently in testing in India, users will be able to create and share vertical videos up to 60 seconds in length.

YouTube are continuing to improve the feature as testing continues. The latest news says YouTube are experimenting adding a Create Button below select music videos. The button will open your camera, where you can choose a start point for the music and record a 15-second Short or import pre-recorded videos to play over the music.

YouTube Shorts has many of the same features as TikTok, where you can choose a song from YouTube’s library and edit videos such as annotating with text, before publishing to the user’s channel.

YouTube Shorts is still under testing in India, with the Create Button only appearing under a limited number of music videos, likely due to licening. Where TikTok was huge before being banned, India has been a great country for apps such as YouTube, Triller and Instagram with Reels, to test their short-form video competitors.

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