New on the block, Xynth Audio launch their first commercial plugin Rezonator that allows you to create rich textures.

As the name suggests, Xynth Audio Rezonator is a new resonator plugin that allows you to build sounds with admirably rich harmonic content.

Upon entering the scene, many people think that the synthesizer is where all of the magic happens. But applying effects in the post-processing stage can massively change the character, tonality, and more of a sound.

Ultimately, getting creative while building a signal chain with FX slots on a DAW channel will transform your sound, and Xynth Audio Rezonator is certainly an effect plugin you should have in yours.

Xynth Audio hasn’t been around all that long, and Rezonator is their first commercial plugin. It’s designed to be easy to use with a straightforward interface so you can access its six tunable resonator engines easily. And these resonators allow you to create a wide range of harmonies that are unique to your sounds!

Furthermore, you’ll find a set of tweakable parameters for each resonator. These parameters give you a lot of flexible control, and you can turn each on & off, determine the frequencies of your resonances with a dedicated fine-tune slider, adjust the input & output level, and even pan them too. As a result, you can give a sound – no matter how crazy it is – some organic textures.

Moreover, you can apply either a saw or pulse wave resonances (the two most harmonic waveforms) and control decay time and color too. So you can dictate the structure of your resonances and therefore determine how the effect will alter your sound. And if that isn’t enough, you can even route MIDI through the Rezonator plugin and melodies with rich harmonic content too.

Finally, the state functionality empowers you to program and switch between multiple chords/harmonies too with just one slider. And you can refine resonance built-in effects including a filter, reverb, and stereo-width effects.

Synth Anatomy reports that Xynth Audio’s Rezonator is available for macOS and Windows systems in VST & AU formats for $25

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