What is Audiomack?

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Step this way to learn more about free music app Audiomack.

Similar to SoundCloud in that anyone can upload music and anyone can listen for free, Audiomack aims to promote emerging artists. Since 2012 Audiomack has been primarily a free music streaming service, and now has over 17 million monthly active users. Even as it has grown in popularity the platform still has a focus on boosting the online presence and careers of independent artists.

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Image Credit: Audiomack

Concentrating on select genres including hip-hop and EDM, Audiomack includes free mixtapes from new young artists trying to find an audience. On the platform are albums, podcasts, songs and mixtapes, with trending charts and curated playlists. Audiomack also offers an ad-free Premium tier for $4.99 a month.

Audiomack is available as an iOS and Android app as well as on desktop. Free features for artists include unlimited uploads, stats, monetisation, scheduling tools and embeddable players to share uploads elsewhere online.

It’s not just new artists on the platform – there’s also big-name artists like Eminem, who chose to release his 2018 Machine Gun Kelly diss track “Killshot” on Audiomack. Eminem’s spontaneous release also highlights the continued organic DIY nature of the platform, despite licensing deals with the Big Three record labels of Warner, Sony and Universal Music. At the start of this year, Billboard announced that Audiomack streaming data would be included in its charts.

Audiomack’s accessible and forward-thinking platform make it one to watch in the streaming world for the future.

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