What are the most popular playlists on Spotify in 2021?

With millions of paying subscribers, Spotify are the most popular streaming service in the world, with their playlists breaking many artists into the mainstream.

Spotify’s dominance in music streaming enables their playlists to have a real impact on the industry, with artists clamoring for inclusion on their top playlists.

1 Today's Top Hits

1. Today’s Top Hits

27.1 million followers

Global Top 50

2. Global Top 50

15.8 million followers

3 RapCaviar

3. RapCaviar

13.5 million followers

4 ¡Viva Latino!

4. ¡Viva Latino!

10.7 million followers

5 Baila Reggaeton

5. Baila Reggaeton

10.1 million followers

Songs to Sing in the Car

6. Songs to Sing in the Car

9.7 million followers

All Out 00s

7. All Out 00s

8.9 million followers

Rock Classics

8. Rock Classics

8.6 million followers

All Out 80s

9. All Out 80s

7.9 million followers

Beast Mode

10. Beast Mode

7.6 million followers

TikTok launch Top Songs on their Creative Center – an up-to-date look at which songs are popular in the app

Primarily hoping to help advertisers inform their strategy, you can now view the top 100 songs, in any region, over the last 7 or 30 days.

The BRIT Awards 2022 to introduce public voting on TikTok

In a first for the UK-based music awards show, fans will be able to vote for their favourite artists on TikTok, in four new genre awards.

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