If you’ve played your original song live, received radio play or had a few streams on Spotify – you will have performance royalties that are waiting to be collected!

Performance Royalties are a form of Publishing Royalty that are generated through the play of a composition rather than a sound recording.

Whether a composition is a performance on TV, broadcast on the radio, a background playlist streamed at a restaurant, a jukebox in a waiting room or a live performance. If you hear music when you’re out and about, it’s generating royalties to collect.

You also earn performance royalties on Non-Interactive Streaming from in-streaming radio services such as Pandora Radio/SiriusXM where you do not have a choice on what you play next.

As well as Interactive Streaming where you listen to whatever you like through services such as Spotify/Deezer/Apple Music.

Do I need to be signed up to a PRO to collect these royalties?

You can collect these royalties through a Music Publisher (like RouteNote Publishing), however they will only be able to collect 50% of these royalties – a PRO will hold on to the remaining 50% for you to go and collect yourself.

To make sure all your royalties are being collected, we would always recommend artists to sign up to their affiliated PRO.

You can find out more about PROs and what they do here!

Collect your Performance Royalties with RouteNote Publishing!

RouteNote Publishing can collect 50% of your Performance Royalties, and 100% of your Mechanical Royalties, YouTube Micro-Synchronisation and Neighbouring Rights on request.

We are partnered with multiple organisations and societies worldwide. This means we collect more royalties than a standard PRO, and we do it quicker!

Plus you won’t need to go through the lengthy registration process when uploading your compositions to a PRO. We’ll focus on that and you can focus on making and performing your music!

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