As a publishing administrator, we deal with the collection of compositional royalties. We’re here to help you understand what you can upload, and what you can’t.

Is your release an original composition?

You can only upload your own, or your artist’s composition to RouteNote Publishing. Unfortunately if your release is a cover song/traditional song, contains an arrangement of another song or you are signed up to a label that is already in control of your publishing royalties – you will not be eligible for this service.

Do you know your composer name?

A composer name is usually different to an artist name as it is the same as a full birth name. For example Jay-Z is an artist name and Shawn Corey Carters is the composer name. This ensures your royalties are being distributed to the correct person AND you can collect them no matter what band you’re in!

Are you signed up to a PRO?

Performance right organisations (PROs) are collection societies that exist around the world. They collect your performance royalties from venues, radio Stations, TV channels and more! For your protection, a publisher can only collect 50% of an artist’s performance royalties, and your PRO will hold onto the other 50% until you collect it yourself. We recommend that all our artists sign up to one!

Are you a label with multiple artists?

We will need to make sure you have the correct permissions from your signed artists to collect these royalties. Whilst you might have an agreement to split sound recording royalties, your artists may still have full ownership of their publishing!

Have you already signed to another publisher?

If you have an album signed to a publisher, you cannot then ask a different publisher to collect on that album as well. Not simultaneously, at least. If two publishers attempt to claim the same composition it creates a conflict, resulting in the earnings being received by nobody until the conflict is resolved.

If you decide to move publishers, that’s a different story. You can also have one album signed to one publisher, and your second album signed to a different one. Just make sure you’re explicit with everyone involved about your wish to do that.

Do you think you’re eligible for RouteNote Publishing?

If you’re interested in joining RouteNote Publishing, you can get in touch at We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our publishing service!

You can learn more about RouteNote Publishing here!