SoundCloud want to empower the advertising on their platform with the correct energy for their product with new Mood Targeting for ads.

SoundCloud want to give the brands they work with more power over the music they’re working with. They aim to connect advertisers with the music on their platform that they feel best suits the mood they want to be associated with.

SoundCloud’s Mood Targeting feature uses AI-powered technology to detect the vibe of tracks. They will ask advertisers the moods that they want their products to be associated with and can then match up their adverts with music that fits that energy.

It’s a potentially beneficial tool for listeners and artists as well as brands. By providing more relevant ads and making the platform more contextual with its integrated promotions. SoundCloud claim that Mood Targeting will make “ads feel less intrusive and more in tune with their current state of mind”.

Advertisers can choose from 9 moods: Angsty, Celebratory, Chill, Energetic, Focused, Happy, Soothing, Love, and Relaxed. SoundCloud tout this method as a way of personalising ads without using obtrusive, personal data collected from the listener to target them.

Vice President of AI and Machine Learning at SoundCloud, Aron Petterson said: “Mood Targeting is a unique way to provide ad targeting without looking at personal data. It’s our first step in unlocking SoundCloud’s unique service to increase ad relevancy on the platform, ensuring that advertisers reach the right audiences and that our community receives ads that are relevant to them.”

SoundCloud uses their AI tool to analyse music’s data and define its mood. It works on any piece of music on their platform and allows advertising to be based on that rather than any user data.

Principal product manager, Lukas Pauka said: “Luxury automotive brands could be looking for a soothing and relaxed feel to match their car and brand aesthetics whereas sportswear brands, looking to capture the attention of GenZ, could focus on energetic and focused moods. The possibilities are exciting.”

Heres how you can hone your Audio Advertising Strategy on SoundCloud:

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