The Waves Spherix plugin suite features a multitude of mixing tools for mixing surround sound audio.

Waves Audio have released Spherix Immersive – a compressor and limiter plugin duo made for processing surround sound audio.

The two plugins in the Spherix suite have been made with making the workflows of producers and sound engineers working in immersive 7.1.4/7.1.2 mixing environments easier.

Introducing Waves Audio Spherix: channel & control linking

Both plugins in the Spherix suite include Control Linking which gives you quick-access knobs that allow you to adjust parameters across multiple channels quickly.

Therefore, you can quickly change the particular settings in one window instead of manually adjusting each in their indivual channels!

And you can link channels together with Channel Linking based on speaker zones too. You can change the compression and limiting of an entire group with this tool rather than processing individual channels.

Waves Spherix Immersive includes a Weight control too.

This tool allows you to control the sidechain balance and content of grouped zones as one.

Waves state, “You can choose whether the grouped channels will react more to each individual channel, more to the entire group, or more to all other channels—including all points in-between.”

Output linking

Furthermore, the Spherix plugins also have three front-wall linking options alongside an ‘all’ option to affect all channels.

Moreover, you have different options for grouping the output channels too.

For example, you can group the left and center channels, or the left, right, and center (L+R+C), or the L+R+C & the sub-bass together.

So, the Spherix plugins give you three separate compressors.

Additionally, you can determine speaker sources with a surround sound visualizer. The visualizer shows you where your channels are in the room!

As a result, your experience working with surround sound audio is far easier compared to working with flat channels.

Compatibility and availability

Waves Spherix Immersive is compatible with macOS (10.15.7 +) & Windows (10 +) in VST3, AU & AAX plugin formats.

You can get your hands on Waves Sperix Immersive plugins now for $199.