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Amazon have announced new updates to their Alexa-powered smart speakers from their smallest Echo Dot, to their largest Echo Studio.

Amazon just updated a range of their hardware devices, including their smart speakers and audio devices. All are available to preorder today and shipping starts next month.

A true ambient experience is there to simplify your day-to-day life when you need it and fades into the background when you don’t. This generation of Echo devices are designed with this vision in mind. With the upgraded audio and compact form factors, each of these new devices give customers more ways to make Alexa a seamless part of their day. And, with the new sensors and technology built in to Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock, customers can have Alexa do even more on their behalf

Nedim Fresko, Vice President, Amazon Alexa Devices

Echo Dot

Amazon’s 5th generation Echo Dot comes in the same compact, spherical form factor, but internally has a redesigned audio architecture. The custom full-range driver is the highest excursion speaker of any Dot, with double the bass from the previous generation.

Along with new sound, Echo Dot has a number of other smart new features that improve the daily use of the speaker. A temperature sensor can trigger a smart fan when the temperature gets too hot. An accelerometer enables tap gesture controls, making playing/pausing music, dismissing timers and ending calls easy, with no shouting.

Echo Dot can now also be used as an eero mesh wifi extender, to improve your home wifi. Pair the speaker with an existing eero network for up to 1,000 square feet of additional coverage. eero support will come to the 4th generation Echo too from October 20. Fourth-gen Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock will also gain support in the coming months.

Echo Dot comes in a new Deep-Sea Blue colour, alongside the existing Charcoal and Glacier White, for the same $49.99.

Echo Dot Kids smart speakers are getting minor updates this year, with new designs and voice options, for $59.99.

Echo Dot with Clock

Echo Dot with Clock gets all the same updates as Echo Dot, plus an upgraded display that on top of showing the time, can now show the name of a song title or artist, the weather, calculation or unit of measurement, calendar event times and more.

Echo Dot with Clock comes in the original Glacier White, as well as a new Cloud Blue colour, for the same $59.99.

Echo Studio

Amazon’s largest smart speaker Echo Studio, now has enhanced audio technology for an immersive sound experience. New custom-built spatial audio processing technology will provide enhanced stereo sound, with greater width, clarity and presence. Improved spatial audio comes alongside upgraded frequency range extension, for improved mid-range clarity and deeper bass. The spatial audio processing technology is also now available on Echo Show 15 and rolling out to other compatible Echo devices in the future.

Externally, the only visable difference is a new Glacier White option, along with the existing Charcoal colour. Pricing will remain at $199.99.

The new updated Echo Studio in Glacier White
Image Credit: Amazon

Echo Auto

Amazon’s in-car voice assistant and music player comes in an all-new, slimmer, compact design with an adhesive back for flexible mounting options. Loaded with five microphones, Echo Auto will be able to hear your Alexa voice requests over music, air conditioners and road noise.

Echo Auto is available for $54.99.

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