JBL’s solar powered headphones keep you charged all the time

JBL wish to free you from the worry of cutting your wireless listening short with headphones that charge on the go.

JBL are currently crowdfunding a potential game-changer in wireless headphones. Their ‘Reflect Eternal’ headphones will use solar charging technology to charge whilst you’re on the go or sitting in the sun so you’re not cut short – unless it’s a particularly cloudy day.

As headphones and earphones alike both move towards wireless options, battery life is becoming more of a question. Even with a new pair of headphones promising 100 hours of life, running out of battery haunts every one whose been listening to music with no time to stop and recharge.

They promise “endless playtime” thanks to it’s self charging capabilities which use Exeger Powerfoyle technology. The charging is super fast too. They promise that 1.5 hours outside a day equals 68 hours of playback whilst an extra half an hour will equal 168 hours of listening – based on lux values of at least 50,000 light.

Of course, if the sun isn’t out to shine then there is of course a USB charging option included to keep you listening. JBL’s 40mm drivers offer their signature sound that will keep most music lovers very happy.

JLB are currently running a crowdfunding campaign to see how people will react to the concept before producing it and releasing it to the masses. For £75 you can get yourself the Early Adopter Disciount at 40% off their target RRP. They expect to start shipping to the US and Germany next October.

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