Unofficial remixes debut on Apple Music and Spotify thanks to Dubset

Yesterday Apple Music and Spotify began distributing unofficial remixes legally on their music streaming services via a deal with Dubset.

Remixes are a massive part of online music, making up a large majority of the content on SoundCloud. Unfortunately without the legal rights to use the original samples remixes are technically illegal. Dubset are solving that with their unique rights management system.

Dubset have created a system that detects samples within remixes and can split the royalties between the remixer and any of the original copyright owners. This is a revolutionary system that allows creators to at last legally release their remixes. Due to the expense and difficulties of acquiring real licenses this provides an amazing opportunity for smaller producers and DJs who love to reimagine music.

Dubset have made a deal with Spotify and Apple Music that now allows unofficial remixes onto their music streaming services. This is a first not only for remixers but for streamers who have strict copyright regulations. Thanks to Dubset’s MixSCAN audio fingerprinting technology it can scan tracks and identify original recordings in the music, even when they’ve been manipulated.

Apple signed a deal with Dubset earlier this year in March and Spotify in May. Currently the only remixes being distributed to the services are tracks but as Dubset’s technology can also work with multiple songs for DJ mixes their CEO Stephen White says that “mixes are coming next!”.

Speaking to TechCrunch White said: “Content owners have been very supportive. The publishing and label deals we have under license provides a large catalog to work with. [This] allows some of the content that until now has only been on YouTube and SoundCloud to come to these great paid services where content owners will get paid!”

It’s a win for creators and music lovers everywhere, freeing up yet another restriction of online music for independent artists. It’s also a massive breakthrough for the original artists and copyright holders as it provides a solution to the plethora of “illegal” remixes floating around the web, as well as earning extra revenue from the 700 million people that White claims listen to remixes and mixes every month.

Here’s hoping this partnership sets a new precedent for creators and allows more content to be shared online whilst any copyright material gets correctly attributed.

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