Twitter Spaces are now available on web, allowing you to join audio-only rooms on desktop

Clubhouse-competitor Twitter Spaces is an audio-only social media platform. You can now access Spaces via

Launched in December 2020 just as rival Clubhouse was picking up speed, Twitter Spaces is available to all Twitter users, where Clubhouse is still invite-only and only recently launched on Android. Clubhouse are also seeing increased competition from the likes of Facebook, Reddit and Spotify.

Yesterday, Twitter launched on, allowing mobile web and desktop web users to join Spaces, turn on transcriptions and set reminders for scheduled Spaces. The only feature the web version unfortunately currently lacks is hosting. The left screenshot below shows a Space prior to joining, while the right shows an active Space minimized to the right of the screen, leaving the timeline free to scroll.

Twitter recently opened Spaces up, letting anyone with at least 600 followers host a room.

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