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    This needs to be fixed. I cannot login to my activated account even when using the correct username and password . I receive an error message stating my account has not yet been activated when it already has been.

    I have been trying to login but could not. Please, kindly and urgently see to this issue. My Username is OluremiAderibigbeAlao. Thanks


    I cannot login my routenote account….its showing do not have permission for access this page

    I keep trying to email you about my email no one is answering I cant not change my password he keep saying wrong email. I have emailed and also tried to reset it no answer.

    When I try to enter my email it says it can not recognize my email

    Don’t remember My pasword

    Help me please

    Hey, that’s unusual! Please try clearing the cache, cookies and site data in your web browser.

    I just registered for Routenote and after that, I haven’t been able to log in even once. Every time I log in, it’s just a blank screen. I thought it was network issue but my internet seems to be fine. Help me out, please.

    Hi, i’m in trouble login in. i forgot my password and it doesn’t load box with the Security Question.
    Please help!

    Every time I shut down my computer, RouteNote requires me to log in again. This would be fine, except that Microsoft Edge auto fills my password, which RouteNote then says is the wrong password. How could it be the wrong password? This must be a glitch. I can’t keep resetting my password every time I use RouteNote.

    Hii so I’ve been trying to login into my account but it doesn’t seem to work :(( I tried resseting but it says that the answer is wrong even tho I list Down the answer. In my phone it doesn’t recognize the email I used but on pc it does but I can’t change the pass. I wrote down the password and I’m pretty sure it’s right.
    So if somebody can help me thank you in advance

    Hello, I’m sorry to hear about your trouble accessing your account. If you get in touch with our team at support@routenote.com with your email address and username or any other details about your account then they will be able to help you get back onto the website.

    its saying send acctivation link when i click nothing is coming i contaced the support team i hope they reply
    the link is not sending to my gmail plz fix it

    this is not my gmail i posted this on

    Saya telah menghubungi team routnote, tetapi jawabannya tidak juga dikirim, tolong berikan bantuan untuk mengembalikan akun saya

    Estaba subiendo mi lanzamiento y no puedo ingresar a mi cuenta, esto es increible, le pasa a todo el mundo y nadie se hace cargo

    Each time I try to log in it says I have an invalid password…I rest the password and it does it again the the next time again . Its like Groundhog Day.

    Why is it SO hard to set up an account with RouteNote?
    I’ve tried under 3 different emails and the process never completes.
    Makes me leary of using this service.

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