Why can’t I play music on Spotify?

Get streaming again in no time, with all of the common fixes, tips and tricks for most issues of Spotify not playing music or podcasts.

How long does it take for my music to go live in stores?

At RouteNote we get your music online as quickly as we can. Distributing your tracks to all the big stores and streaming services is fast, easy – and free.

Why isn’t my song live on Spotify?

If you’ve uploaded your music to RouteNote and chosen to distribute to Spotify, here are a couple of reasons your release may not be live.

How to fix Spotify freezing

Is Spotify acting up? Here’s a list of common fixes for any issues you may be having with the desktop, web or mobile app.

RouteNote Troubleshooters: I want to see myself when I Google my artist name

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RouteNote Troubleshooters: Why has my YouTube video been claimed after uploading my music?

I uploaded my music through RouteNote and now my YouTube video is being claimed. If you have selected YouTube as a store for your release then that means it is added to YouTube’s Content ID…

Troubleshooters: My music is on the wrong artist page

My music has been uploaded to an artist page that isn’t mine. How do I get my own artist page? Sometimes when your music gets uploaded to stores and services it can end up on…

RouteNote Troubleshooters: How long until my music will be on stores?

I’ve uploaded my music on the RouteNote website. How long will it take to get onto streaming services and music stores? Once you’ve uploaded your music and created your release to send to us then…

RouteNote Troubleshooters: My audio won’t upload

I’m creating my release but my audio won’t upload when I select it from my computer. If you are having issues uploading your audio to your release first of all you should try clearing the…

RouteNote Troubleshooters: I haven’t been paid yet

It’s the 15th of the month and I haven’t received my earnings for my music yet. Is there a problem? We upload your statistics and distribute your earnings from all the stores and services where…