Transform your music onto the page with this simple tab app

TabBank is a new app that makes it easier than ever to transcribe your music down without any hassle.

TabBank is unique in its simplicity, stripping away all the complicated extras so that even those without experience doing so can get their music down for future reference or to show others you plan to play with. Tabbing software can seem excessively complicated for the inexperienced and that’s why TabBank has been created.

The software of TabBank allows you to simply type in your chord and then follow it up with lyrics. Then type the next chord and the lyrics that follow, and so on – providing a uniquely easy way to get all your creations down. The tab will then transform it into a perfectly arranged tab sheet that can be printed, shared and stored for future.

TabBank also lets you listen to how your track is sounding, in case you haven’t heard it before writing it I guess? Tap on chords to hear them played out, and tap on tabbed riffs and solos to hear them played perfectly, for when you can’t get the timing right or want to hear how a computer plays your music.

TabBank comes from the creator of the popular ChordBank app which was a free app full of thousands of chords. You could explore anything from a basic A chord to an Emsus2/B chord and play it from your phone to hear how it sounds. Even better the app would you show you the fingerings and positions of each chord, and every chord was compatible with left-handed instructions too.

Keep your eyes out for the TabBank app, scheduled for release later today.

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