As a producer having the correct sounds that you want is vital and finding them can be hard, so here are the best one-stop shops for all your plugin needs.


pluginboutique plugin boutique vst vsti virtual instrument software plugin site

Pluginboutique is brought to you by Loopmasters, the brilliant site for samples and loops, so you know it’s good. They supply plugins from the best music software companies all around the world.

Their massive library of high quality plugins offers something for everyone, and if you’re a dedicated customer you can sign up to earn extra discounts, receive free packs, and earn virtual cash with each purchase.


Splice are an amazing resource for artists on a budget, offering a massive range of brilliant, premium plugins on a pay-as-you-go basis. So if your dream plugin is just too much you can rent it for as long as you can afford, and if you rent it long enough then it’s yours.

As well as their rent-to-own plugins Splice also offer a vast library of excellent instruments and effects, both paid and free. They are a fantastic site no matter what position you’re in as a musician.

D16 Group Audio Software

d16 group audio software plugins vst vsti virtual instruments

D16 have over 10 years of experience in delivering high quality software to musicians around the world. Their selection isn’t massive but each VST and VSTi is guaranteed to be the best quality, the most incredible sounds, with near unlimited versatility.

Browsing their selection won’t take long, but selecting which of their high-end plugins you want to buy may.

KVR Audio

KVR audio plugins VST VSTI virtual instruments buy vendor production

Do you want a site that has LOADS and LOADS of free and paid plugins to choose from? Like so many you don’t know where to look? But that site also has an advanced search so you can find the exact plugin you want from a MASSIVE library of plugins? Then KVR Audio is the site for you.