Top 10 most-followed pop playlists on Spotify

We’ve rounded up all of the most-followed playlists for pop music on Spotify, with between 6 and 29 million likes.

The word pop is somewhat open to interpretation. For example is RapCaviar with almost 14 million followers “pop” or is it rap? For the top pop playlists we’re following what Chartmetric classes as pop playlists.

1. Today’s Top Hits

Genres: Pop, Dance Pop, Post-Teen Pop

29.11 million likes

2. Top 50 – Global

Genres: Pop, Dance Pop, Pop Rap

16.21 million likes

3. RapCaviar

Genres: Pop Rap

13.97 million likes

4. Songs to Sing in the Car

Genres: Pop, Dance Pop, Post-Teen Pop

9.86 million likes

5. All Out 00s

Genres: Pop, Dance Pop, Post-Teen Pop

9.48 million likes

6. Beast Mode

Genres: Pop, Dance Pop

8.20 million likes

7. Mood Booster

Genres: Pop

6.77 million likes

8. All Out 90s

Genres: Dance Pop

6.76 million likes

9. Chill Hits

Genres: Pop, Post-Teen Pop

6.60 million likes

10. Songs to Sing in the Shower

Genres: Pop, Dance Pop

6.19 million likes

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