TikTok launched Family Pairing earlier this year, letting parents control certain aspect of their teen’s app. Now TikTok are introducing additional tools.

Launched in April this year, Family Pairing allows parents to link their TikTok account with their teen’s and set controls such as Screen Time Management to limit how much time teens spend on TikTok each day, Restricted Mode to limit the type of content that appears and Direct Messages to control who can send messages or turn off the function completely. With the app used by millions of those in the Gen Z demographic, these tools attempt to make the app more suitable for a younger audience, ensuring digital safety and protect their privacy.

This week, TikTok are rolling out an update worldwide that will include additional tools to manage their teen’s account:

  • Search: Decide whether your teen can search for content, users, hashtags, or sounds
  • Comments: Decide who can comment on your teen’s videos (everyone, friends, no one)
  • Discoverability: Decide whether your teen’s account is private (your teen decides who can see their content) or public (anyone can search and view content)
  • Liked Videos: Many people enjoy finding new videos to watch that others they follow have also enjoyed, but this control empowers families to decide whether others can see the list of videos your teen has liked

‘Family Pairing’ settings are here to help provide a family-friendly experience for everyone! #ParentsOfTikTok

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In the US, TikTok also accommodate those under 13 years old with TikTok for Younger Users. This is a view-only experience with curated content.

Other social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat currently offer no similar parental controls. Depending on the success TikTok see here, perhaps we’ll see others follow suit.