Noisy Women Podcast Heads Into Season 2

Em Marcovecchio Invites An Impressive Group Of Guests To Chat About The Music Industry

After a successful season one which featured guests such as Sarah Gosling, Jessie Morgan and Millie Turner Noisy Women (hosted by music photographer Em Marcovecchio) returns for season 2. This time round Em will be chatting with Abbie McCarthy, Lindsay Melbourne and Lauran Hibberd as well as many other fantastic guests. 

These series of podcasts are host to honest conversations with female* voices about the gender divide within the music industry. Each guest works within the music industry whether that is tour manager, photographer, artist and journalist. The podcasts conversations highlight the ups and downs and provides an insight of prominent figures in a largely male dominated industry. 

*Inclusive of a plurality of femme voices including trans, queer and non-binary people.

The host Em Marcovecchio has been a prominent figure in Falmouth and beyond and has fast become renown for her impressive music photography, particularly her portraits. Over 3 years she has built relationships with a variety of professionals in the industry. As a natural talker and conversation maker it made sense for her to head into the podcast realm. Noisy Women is as insightful as it is interesting and for those looking to find out more about the music industry this podcast is a must listen. 

Listen to the first episode of season 2 with Lauran Hibberd here:

Music journalist and photojournalist based in Cornwall.

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