Keyword2lyrics is a new free site that generates custom song lyrics from your random keywords using artificial intelligence.

A fun tool to play with if you’re struggling with quarantine creativity. Head to keyword2lyrics to give it a go. Simply enter your keywords, and a creativity value between 0.0 and 1.0 “the higher the value, the more creative/crazy the text.”

The AI was trained by extracting keywords from songs that Google lists under “top artists 20th century” and “top artists 21st century”. Because of this, the AI will mostly generate pop based lyrics, but developer of keyword2lyrics Mathi Gatti says he wants to add a larger variety of genres in the future, with the possibility of allowing users to select a genre style.

We’ve explored the concerning rise of AI taking jobs from creatives, but Gatti explains his optimism for what the breakthrough of AI will inspire from the creative industry. Speaking to TNW, Gatti said:

Sometimes I have a few ideas that I want to turn into a song, but I’m too lazy for that, so I thought it would be cool to make a program that generates lyrics from isolated keywords or phrases.
I think a lot of times you feed it with a phrase or words and it creates a reasonable song, similarly to what you would expect if you write it for yourself. That’s pretty cool for saving time but I like that sometimes it does completely the opposite, it comes with interpretations totally different to what you would expect, which is really enriching.
I think it’s similar to photography in the XX century, it didn’t kill painting or the creative process at all, it impulsed new art styles like photography and impressionism. In a similar way, I think tools like keyword2lyrics won’t kill songwriting, it’s just going to change the process.

Mathi Gatti developer of keyword2lyrics