The Vintage Style nOb Virtually Controls Almost Anything

nOb is a questionably titled knob that can control nearly any interface feature that uses the mouse on computers.

nOb emulates a Human Interface Device so that you can easily edit any alterable parameters straight out of the box. You can use the nOb to raise and lower volume levels, scroll pages, edit music and video and lots more.

To use the nOb you need to point your mouse at the parameter you want to alter and then using the multi function scroll knob you can twist and tap the vintage style device to easily and accurately edit interface elements. You can use the nOb on webpages, computer programs and software and almost any sliders, scrollbars, knobs or draggable value indicators.

One of the most striking features of the nOb is it’s design with a triangular, hand-crafted, hardwood mahogany enclosure with a big solid, aluminium knob on the front for that retro-radio look. It also features two flick switches which can reverse direction and jump between screen elements. The knob and switches are also touch-sensitive for extra functionality, so you can double tap the knob to undo/redo actions, tap the right switch to switch operation modes and more.

nOb also delivers precise and real-time data such as rotation or touch events using open serial protocol interface so that developers can experiment with it deeper. With nOb’s open serial interface, developers can create programs and perfect their functionality.


nOb is currently on Kickstarter and reached 50% of their goal in just 5 days. If you want to support the nOb or get one for yourself when they’re released then head to:

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