How Did Streaming Services Do In 2015?

Billboard have released a “scorecard” that pits the pros, cons and secret weapons of various streaming service against each other to see how they fared in the highly competitive year of 2015.

Included in Billboard’s “Streaming Scorecard” are front-runners Spotify, newcomers Tidal and Apple Music, surprise success Amazon Music and then America’s current favourite Pandora. The scorecard covers Apple Music’s success with it’s global, 24-7 online radio Beats 1, specifically the head and face of Beats 1, ex-BBC DJ Zane Lowe.

It also covers the surprisingly large subscriber base for Amazon Prime Music as well as Spotify’s pole position in users and value. The chart then closes with an ‘outlook’ for each streaming service , in the form of weather metaphors… fun!

Take a look for yourself:

Billboard's Streaming Scorecard

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