Americans all over are going online more than ever when they want to listen to music or watch TV and Film with record breaking numbers this year.

Unless you’ve recently emerged from a stint out in the woods disconnected from any technology, (which I imagine is unlikely if you’re reading this), you know how big music and video streaming is. Services like Spotify have opened up an entire world of music in living rooms across the world and Netflix, along with others, have made it possible to watch what you want, when you want.

Of course, these types of services aren’t new but their popularity is growing significantly with every year. This year has shown a record number of people streaming music and video on services around the world. According to Nielsen Music, there have been over 1 trillion streams in the U.S. in 2019.

This counts a single stream of a song, TV episode, or film. At the same time last year that tally was at 765.2 billion audio and video streams on-demand across the U.S. That adds up to 31% growth year-on-year and they reckon that streams in the U.S. could reach 1.181 trillion by the end of the year.

Nielsen Music’s head of analytics and insights, David Bakula said: “Surpassing 1 trillion on-demand streams in less than a year underscores how fans are continuing to evolve in the way they listen to music. This explosive growth is being driven by today’s younger, more connected music fan, with 90% of teens and millennials streaming music. Accessibility to new technology, affordable premium streaming plans and the proliferation of connected devices will only serve to expedite the next trillion on-demand streams.”

Nielsen Music began accumulating data for overall on-demand audio and video streams in 2014. At the end of 2014 their research showed 118.1 billion streams across the U.S., 10% of what they’re predicting the total to reach by the end of 2019.